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The highly experienced and passionate holistic health care practitioners at Wellness 1st Integrative Medical Center help men and women in and around Gilbert, Arizona, deal with a wide range of health problems and concerns. Some of the many health concerns and issues that the Wellness 1st team treats include autoimmune diseases, diabetes, arthritis, chronic pain, and much more.

Patients who’ve previously been told that they just have to live with their health problems, or that their only hope is to use short-term medication that doesn’t do anything to reverse the actual problem, often find relief at Wellness 1st Integrative Medical Center.

Relieving symptoms through medication is only a quick fix, and it can be particularly bad because overall health could deteriorate markedly while masking symptoms. Caregivers do a full analysis of each patient, and then create an effective integrative medicine plan that includes cutting-edge natural therapies to solve problems rather than just treating them in the short term.

Wellness 1st Integrative Medical Center is accepting new patients from the Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, and Ahwatukee areas now. Book through the online tool or by phone today.

Now serving patients in Arizona and California.

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Great Alternative Care Practitioner

Dr. Rooh, DC, DPSc., BCIM is a wellness mentor, functional wellness practitioner, national speaker, and architect of lifestyle enhancement programs. His professional education includes doctor of chiropractic, functional endocrinology, and functional neurology.

As a licensed provider for the Pastoral Medical Association, Dr. Rooh serves members of the association’s free Member Share Network, only. Using lifestyle enhancement programs not designed to treat or cure disease, he offers non-invasive, natural methods for gaining and preserving wellness.

As a licensed provider for the Pastoral Medical Association, Dr. Rooh serves only members of the association’s free *Member Share Network*. He advocates restoring divine wisdom to healthcare, offering natural, non-invasive programs for gaining and preserving wellness through broad *lifestyle enrichment* rather than “treating” or “curing” disease.


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    "Becoming a patient of Dr. Rooh has improved my health immensely. He has been the best doctor I have had the pleasure to work with."

    Pamela C.
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    "I had struggled my whole adult life with weight issues and food intolerances and Dr. Rooh has helped me with all of that in a timely manner. I would recommend him..."

    Verified Patient
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    "Dr. Rooh loves to help people with hormonal imbalances and reversing issues naturally. He has free seminars all the time helping people understand and fix their issues."

    Jayson H.
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    "Dr. Rooh did a great job working on my back and found other areas that I wasn't even aware of that needed attention. Thank you Dr. Rooh!"

    Christopher J.
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    "If you're looking for a quality chiropractor in Chandler, try Dr. Rooh first. He cares, he is patient and has personally given me a whole body approach to health..."

    Nate M.
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    "Dr. Rooh is great! I've been seeing him for a few years, he's very reasonable and goes out of his way to be available."

    Andrea S.
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