Living With Arthritis

Pain, stiffness, and fatigue are just a few of the symptoms that come and go when you’re suffering from arthritis.

Because arthritis is a chronic disease, it can often get in the way of your career, social life, and overall life satisfaction.

There’s also a link between chronic pain and depression. Arthritis may lead to depression in many people, and depression can worsen arthritis symptoms.

While there isn’t a cure for arthritis, there are some pain management strategies that you can implement to make your life easier.

At Wellness 1st Integrative Medical Center in East Valley, Arizona, we advocate a holistic approach to medicine, looking to strengthen the entire body and make it easier for you to fight off pain, fatigue, and stiffness.

Read on to find out what the latest research says about how you can improve your quality of life when living with arthritis.

Lower inflammation levels naturally

Traditional arthritis treatments only target local inflammation, but it’s a well-known fact that people with arthritis experience low-grade inflammation throughout their bodies.

So why not address one of the root causes of your symptoms?

Though they may not pose any dangers to people who don’t have intolerances, grains and gluten are slightly inflammatory in people who already have inflammation issues without a known cause. Foods that are high in sugar are also inflammatory.

On the other hand, low-glycemic diets decrease inflammation markers in people suffering from arthritis.

The takeaway? Try a low-glycemic diet and reduce or eliminate your consumption of grains for at least four weeks to see noticeable improvements.

Get active but be gentle on your joints

Physical activity is touted to have a myriad of benefits, even for people who suffer from degenerative disease. But how can you exercise when you’re experiencing constant discomfort and pain?

Here’s the answer: low-impact, joint-friendly exercises.

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for people who want to improve their overall health without putting a strain on their joints.

The second best type of exercise is walking. Anyone can do it, and it has many benefits for your heart health.

Try stress management methods

At times, no matter how hard you try, life happens, and despite your best efforts, you have days when the pain, the fatigue, and the discomfort are just a little too much.

So while you can’t control all that happens to you, learn how to control your reactions. Tactics such as mindfulness meditation can provide you with a new perspective on everyday struggles and life in general.

Finding local support groups can also offer help, as can socializing and making new friends.

Fight back with a holistic approach

While you can’t cure arthritis, you can manage it and prevent further damage with a holistic approach to your health.

If you live in East Valley, Arizona, schedule an appointment with us to get expert advice on how to manage your symptoms and increase your quality of life.

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